Muttrah Fish Souq

If you're an early riser, going to Muttrah's Fish Souq (open market) in the morning might be a good idea. It is located near the end of Muttrah Corniche. The Fish Souq is where fishermen bring their catch directly from the boats, giving visitors a chance to see a staggering variety of fish and get a sense of how colorful and genuine Omani fishermen are.

Muttrah Fish Market is intended to serve as a focal point for the Muttrah community while also serving as a hub for Oman's thriving fishing industry.

The new fish market, located in the heart of Muttrah on Oman's largest harbor, is a tribute to both Oman's past and future. Muttrah is well-known for its long history of commercial trade, distinctive port, and long-standing fishery traditions. The new market, located near the city's original fish market, built in 1960, represents a continuation of the region's trade and fishing traditions, while also meeting Oman's need to accommodate the country's growing tourism industry.


When visitors enter the fish market, they are immersed in a bustling marketplace with over 100 fish sellers and cutters, as well as a new market for vegetables and fruit. Along with offices, coffee shops, and a rooftop restaurant, the new facility includes refrigeration, packaging, and storage space.

Places to Visit

General Information

  • Opening Time

    From 8.00 am to 11.00 pm

    Every Day

  • Muttrah Fort

    Sultanate of Oman
    Muscat Governorate

Under the supervision of ministry of Heritage and Tourism